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MY WORLD/ PASSION IS COOKING -Growing up  one of 4 children, being the only girl, was very difficult.

I participated in all the family cooking starting at the age of 10, this was the only way I would get my family attention. My parent’s values surrounding fresh food, fresh vegetables, from our garden, and spices made from scratch, reciepes 3 generations down and family style cuisine have remained with me throughout my whole life, being a single mother, I would cook 7 days a week, that's how I got thru life and i continue to bring my family and friends together for all occasions ranging from, private catering, private intimate gatherings to enormous family celebrations –cookbook coming 2017,  think My Big Fat Greek wedding.

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The Suzanne Lossia Story

Suzanne Lossia is a Chaldean-American- T.V Personality- Chef Suzanne, as seen on the Food Network 'Cutthroat Kitchen', writer/author (The Arrangement, Huffington Post, contributor) . The Suzanne Lossia Charitable fund' 501 c3 non profit'.  Lossia was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan. Lossia’s father and mother emigrated from Iraq to the United States in the late 1960's. Lossia has 3 brothers and is the only girl Lossia family is first generation raised with strict Christian heritage, values, morals,ethics and traditions. Christianity makes up less than two percent of the religious population in Iraq. Lossia was raised in very strict ways of her born heritage. As a result Lossia was placed into arranged marriage.
Naïve and not in control of her own choices, she grew the courage to break free and divorced her husband. Still naïve a bit aware but not fully understood or prepared for the scandalous and cruel consequences her boys and Suzanne would face. 

Aspiration-Here is to a courageous and inspiring woman who found the strength to go against the grain of the culture she was raised in and seek independence and destiny-her faith has brought her a long way, her story is heartbreaking but so uplifting. "Suzanne "believes in living the American Dream. Breaking the mold doesn't mean you're turning your back on the community, you can still succeed and represent where you come from.


 Lossia has gained national media exposure including exclusive features Food Network(Cutthroat kitchen winner April 24, 2016)Huffington Post ,interviews on Examiner, CZ/Impact,ABC-wxyz Channel  7, Macomb daily, Oakland Press, The Detroit News, Nationally News 47, Nbc national news, MyInforms, Television, ABC channel 7, WCHB 1200, WDIV Channel 4,Fox 2, and seen on the TMZ show. Harvey Levin thinks she is fun and entertaining to watch. She has also been on the Front page of The Oakland Press, Michigan Chronicle, Arabic National News, The Chaldean News, Arab American, Motherhood, Book pleasure, wchb radio, Detroit News, Ankawa international news,Chaldean Org, Prestiage Media,The Detroit News, Mojo in the morning 95.5,  radio one hot 107.5,My Cuz radio show 95.5,910amSuperstation(Gurl Bye ) Clear Channel, Blaine and Allyson in the Morning 96.3, The Artie Clear Show, blogs and magazines.


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Suzanne Lossia Charitable Fund

 Nonprofit Organization
Support The Suzanne Lossia Charitable Fund, a nonprofit organization based in Detroit, Michigan. This 501(c)(3) a non profit charity that is a component of the NWCF(North Woodward Community Foundation) that helps homeless and battered women, as well as single mothers with children and mothers facing conflicts. Please Donate today-..…/
The goal of Suzanne Lossia charitable fund is to enrich the quality of life for mothers and raise the awareness of the issues they face. We also provide financial assistance for families, including single and homeless mothers.
Ending Abuse
There are both physical and mental obstacles to leaving an abuser. Some mothers are unable to walk away due to fear of financial security. Basic needs, such as a place to live and employment, need to be met. We will help you change the future by helping mothers and children have a second chance at a better life.
Suzanne Lossia was faced with hardship with her 2 children, Lossia understands the struggles and hopes to make a difference.
Please join the Suzanne Lossia Charitable Fund by donating to the cause, Any donation will be appreciated. Suzanne believes this was her calling, and we look forward to the success stories from woman and children foundation will assist you.we will help change the future by helping these mothers and children begin a better life ..…/ North Woodward Community Foundation.

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